Course curriculum

    1. 1.0 - Tip from the Instructor

    2. How to use navigate the course environment

    1. The Major Scale

    2. Major Scale Fingerings

    3. Basic Applications of the Major Scale

    1. The Chromatic Scale

    2. Basic Applications of the Chromatic Scale

    3. The Natural Minor scale

    4. Basic Applications of the Natural Scale

    1. Grace notes (Flipping from the 2nd to the 3rd)

    2. Semitone grace note to the 3rd

    3. Semitone grace note to the 3rd then 5 or 1

    4. Sus4 to the Major

    5. Reversed Chords

    1. Borrowing the “1” of the preceding chord

    2. Borrowing the “5” of the preceding chord

    3. Borrowing the “1-5” of the preceding chord

    4. Borrowing the “1-2-5” of the preceding chord

    1. 1-2-3 Fill (Targeting the 3rd)

    2. 5-4-3 Fill (Targeting the 3rd)

    3. Preceding 3-2-1 Fill (Expanding on grace notes)

About this course

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  • 4 hours of video content

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About this Course

Piano Embeliishments

This course teaches you simple but amazing embellishments that work over most chord progressions. If you are looking for fills, runs, and melodic lines that will make you sound like a Pro, then this is the right course for you.

The course is straightforward and seeks to expose you to several ideas to help you embellish your chord progressions. The concepts are broken down to make them easily understood.

Imagine being able to play all your favorite songs with extra embellishments to spice up the sound without the need to read sheet music? Now you can easily achieve this within weeks not years and without wasting money, time, and effort on traditional Piano Lessons.

High Definition Videos and PDF Resources

With an overhead camera and light-activated piano roll, you can easily see what fingers are used as well as the exact notes that are being played.

The knowledge obtained from this course can be applied to other genres of music like Pop, Ballad style, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, etc as you are equipped with the knowledge to create your own music.